Current Project- HurricaneKATRINA


Current Project - HURRICAN KATRINA!


Director: Kat. Barnum
Direction: Disaster Assistance for those caught by "HURRICANE KATRINA". We are currently accepting donations and volunteers to help those people trapped, from New Orleans,by HURRICANE KATRINA, who have no access to information about food , water, shade, rubber rafts,shelter, relatives and loved ones. Please come by our office and volunteer your donations of time, and resources, We will set up an online donation page, shortly.

Immanuel Davis Project

Director: Heather Flores
Direction: Shaken Baby Syndrome
We currently are seeking volunteers and donations that will help with the dissimenation of information about this little known disorder, which affects thousands of babies for the rest of their life.
We feel more information needs to reach young parents and care givers about an infant's delicate brain matter and it's unstable qualities in the early stages of life.

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