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The A. Mable Lapesarde Foundation

Mission Statement:
The Aged protected, the Infants cared for...

To assist people in Transitional phases of life, especially the aging, infants, and those committed to giving them care, through the dissimenation of information, resources and training.

To provide assistance, counseling, to all peoples who find themselves caught in transitional times, or hindered by the Digital Divide, by providing them with the informational tools and resources needed to become adept or comfortable to function and succeed within the arena of their choice. To disseminate information, informational tools, resources and instruction to assist transitions through the use of computer and book literacy and navigation on the World Wide Web.

To provide a forum for resources and information that promotes creative and artistic endeavors for self help community projects within the global and local environment. This may include digital technology,print, new applications and processes, and Internet awareness throughtout the Digital Divide. To promote the training and use of the World Wide Web, for artistic,cultural and training purposes, as well as the dissemination of information. "Current Projects" section.


815 N. La Brea Suite 50
Inglewood, CA. 90302
tel: 866-220-5334

Current Projects:

Immanuel Davis Fund
Hurricane Katrina Disaster Assistance

Board Of Directors:

A. Mable Lapesarde- CEO
Victoria Brown-President
K. Barnum- Vice President
Heather Flores- Secty
K. B. Grafrath-Treasurer

Email us at ALAPinc@aol.com

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